Why 90% of Local Businesses Prefer Hiring a Local SEO Agency


By Seo Results Pro on, 2023


In the vast landscape of online marketing, the term “SEO” is a buzzword that frequently appears. While everyone acknowledges its importance, not everyone understands the nuances that differentiate general SEO from local SEO. A noticeable trend has emerged as businesses become more aware of their specific online marketing needs. A staggering 90% of local businesses prefer hiring a local SEO agency over a non-local one. But why is this the case? Let's dive in to unravel this preference.

Understanding the Unique Perspective of a Local SEO Agency

The Internet has made the world a global village, but the village is still very much local when it comes to local businesses. Local businesses have unique needs, challenges, and opportunities that differ from larger corporations or online-only businesses. A local SEO agency inherently understands these nuances.

For instance, consider the local diner that's been the breakfast hub for generations in a small town. A global or national SEO company might look at keywords generally associated with diners and breakfasts. However, a local SEO agency knows the history, the popular dishes, the local celebrities who frequent it, and even the town’s favorite morning radio show. This intimate knowledge is not just about keywords; it's about crafting a story, a narrative that resonates with the local populace.

Local SEO Agencies and Community Engagement

Local SEO isn't merely about getting a business to rank on search engines; it's also about ensuring it becomes or remains a staple in their communities. A local SEO agency is more likely to understand a community's cultural, societal, and economic nuances. They know the local events, festivals, and shared memories that can be incorporated into an SEO strategy. By weaving these into the content, meta-descriptions, and even the keywords, a local SEO agency can create a strategy that aims for visibility and relevance.

Reliability and Accessibility

Other crucial reasons local businesses lean towards a local SEO agency is reliability and accessibility. It's one thing to converse with a representative thousands of miles away and entirely another to sit face-to-face with a team that understands your concerns, ambitions, and dreams. Physical proximity means that meetings can be held in person, strategies can be discussed over coffee, and results can be celebrated together.

Moreover, when businesses hire locally, there’s a sense of mutual growth. As the local business flourishes, so does the agency, and this symbiotic relationship strengthens the bond and trust between the two.

Feedback and Adaptation

SEO is not a static field. It requires constant monitoring, feedback, and adaptation. While remote monitoring is entirely possible and is done efficiently by many non-local agencies, there's an agility that comes with being local. A local SEO agency can quickly adapt to changes, such as a local event or a sudden shift in market dynamics. Feedback is more immediate, leading to quicker iterations and updates to the SEO strategy.

Local Networking Benefits

Often, local businesses thrive because of individual customers and B2B (business-to-business) interactions. Local SEO agencies often have a vast network within the community. By hiring locally, businesses indirectly gain access to this network. Whether it's a recommendation, a partnership, or just word-of-mouth marketing, the networking benefits can be a significant advantage.

Building Trust through Shared Experiences

Despite being data-driven, the world of SEO is significantly influenced by trust. When a business owner sits across the table from an agency representative familiar with local norms, traditions, and experiences, a bond forms, they're not just hiring an agency but partnering with someone who has lived the same experiences. This shared background can fast-track many discussions and strategy sessions because there's an inherent understanding, reducing the need for lengthy explanations or justifications.

Imagine trying to explain the significance of a local festival or event to someone who has never experienced it versus discussing it with someone who has not only attended but actively participated in it. The difference in depth and understanding is palpable.

Understanding Local Competition

While global metrics can provide insights into broad competitive landscapes, those entrenched in the local business scene often best understand the intricacies of local competition. A local SEO agency will likely have a clear picture of who the major players are in a specific niche within the community, their strengths, their strategies, and where they might be lacking. This understanding can be leveraged to carve out a unique space for a business, ensuring that it doesn’t just compete but stands out.

The Evolution of Local SEO

As the digital landscape evolves, so does the complexity of local SEOs. What was once a simple game of ensuring a business’s name, address, and phone number were consistent across online directories has now expanded into a multifaceted strategy. This complexity is another driving factor behind local businesses’ gravitation towards a local SEO agency.

The Power of Local Reviews and Reputation

Local reviews play a significant role in shaping the online reputation of a business. For local businesses, these reviews aren't just digital footprints; they're from neighbors, friends, and family. A local SEO agency recognizes the importance of each review and understands the local dynamics at play when managing them. They know the importance of responding promptly and courteously, and they’re equipped to advise on the best ways to encourage positive local reviews and address the less favorable ones.

Moreover, local agencies are likely aware of the platforms most frequented by the community. While Google Business Profile and Yelp are universally popular, there might be region-specific platforms or websites where reviews matter just as much, if not more.

The Impact of Hyperlocal Content

Hyperlocal content targets specific localities often granulated as neighborhoods or streets. This type of content can be invaluable for businesses that want to target customers in a particular area. A local SEO agency, familiar with the community's ins and outs, can create genuine hyperlocal content that resonates.

For instance, a real estate agent might benefit from content tailored to specific neighborhoods, highlighting local parks, schools, or historical sites. A non-local agency might miss these subtleties or fail to capture their essence, while a local SEO agency, with firsthand experience, would craft content that genuinely speaks to and engages the local populace.

The Road Ahead for Local SEO and Local Businesses

The increasing preference for local SEO agencies is a testament to the blend of technological expertise with heartfelt local understanding. As the world of SEO grows more sophisticated, the need for this blend will only become more pronounced.

Local businesses have always been the backbone of communities, offering services and products and contributing to the region's fabric and identity. Their success isn't just measured in profit margins and the smiles of satisfied customers, the community's growth, and every resident's shared successes. Local SEO agencies are the silent partners, ensuring these businesses shine brightly in a digital world grounded in their local roots.

Wrapping Up

In a world where the balance between global reach and local relevance continually shifts, local businesses have recognized the unparalleled value of partnering with those who genuinely "get" them. The shift towards local SEO agencies isn't merely a trend; it's an acknowledgment of the complex interplay between digital strategies and local nuances.

Choosing a local SEO agency offers businesses the dual advantage of world-class digital strategies rooted in profound local understanding. It's not just about algorithms and keywords; it's about stories, emotions, and connections. It's about a diner's special dish, the joy of a local festival, the shared memories of a community event, and the dream of seeing one's business succeed in a familiar landscape.

As local businesses continue to anchor their digital strategies in local truths, choosing a local SEO agency becomes not just preferable but essential. After all, in the digital age, while the world might be a click away, the heart often remains in the local.

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