How a Chicago SEO Company Increased Organic Traffic by 200%: 8 Key Takeaways


By Seo Results Pro on, 2023

An impressive increase in organic traffic is the ultimate sign of success in the world of digital marketing. A leading Chicago SEO company, a leader in online visibility and digital marketing optimization, has accomplished this feat. By innovatively applying SEO strategies and techniques, they've achieved an enviable milestone of increasing organic traffic by an astonishing 200%. But what are the strategies behind such an impressive success? Here, we'll explore the eight key takeaways that propelled this outstanding achievement.

Key Takeaway #1: Thorough Keyword Research and Optimization

The first factor contributing to this monumental success was an in-depth keyword research strategy. As an SEO company in Chicago, they recognized the importance of optimizing their clients' websites with the most relevant, location-specific, and high-volume keywords.

They implemented a comprehensive analysis to identify which keywords potential customers were using to find products and services similar to those offered by their clients. Afterward, these keywords were strategically integrated into their clients' website content, metadata, headers, and tags.

Key Takeaway #2: High-Quality Content Creation

Secondly, as the best SEO company in Chicago, they understood that while keywords are crucial, high-quality content is the linchpin to driving organic traffic. Content is, after all, the substance that engages, informs, and converts website visitors into loyal customers.

They focused on producing relevant, engaging, and informative content that their client's target audience would find valuable. Every piece of content was optimized to serve the user's intent while subtly steering them toward the desired call to action. They also made a conscious effort to update old content and remove any that was obsolete or irrelevant.

Key Takeaway #3: Technical SEO and Website Optimization

The third key strategy that the Chicago SEO agency employed was a rigorous focus on technical SEO. Recognizing that user experience plays a vital role in search engine ranking, they worked relentlessly on optimizing their clients' website loading speed, mobile-friendliness, navigability, and overall design.

Chicago SEO agency prides itself on ensuring its clients' websites are coded correctly and are easily crawlable and indexable by search engines. They also ensured all broken links were fixed, 404 errors were eliminated, and the web site’s XML sitemap was submitted to search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and indexation.

This meticulous focus on technical SEO, coupled with creating a seamless user experience, was instrumental in their 200% increase in organic traffic.

Key Takeaway #4: Building A Robust Backlink Profile

Next is their strategy of creating a robust backlink profile. In the world of SEO, backlinks are akin to votes of confidence from other websites, signaling to search engines that your site is a credible source of information.

As part of their comprehensive SEO services, they employed various link-building techniques, including guest posting, blogger outreach, and PR campaigns. Each link acquired was from a reputable and authoritative site, which helped improve their clients' domain authority and search engine rankings.

Moreover, they conducted regular backlink audits to keep an eye on the quality of their backlinks, disavowing any harmful or low-quality links that could negatively affect their clients' SEO performance.

Key Takeaway #5: Emphasis on Local SEO

As an SEO company in Chicago, they realized the power of local SEO in driving organic traffic. They understood that customers often look for services "near me" or in their specific locale, which makes it essential to rank high in these local searches.

The company optimized its clients' Google Business Profile listings, ensuring all details were accurate and up-to-date. They also focused on local keyword optimization to boost local visibility. Moreover, they gathered positive customer reviews and incorporated local backlinks to bolster local search performance. This localized approach was pivotal in driving local organic traffic to their client's websites.

Key Takeaway #6: Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

The sixth strategy that this Chicago SEO agency used was a comprehensive competitor analysis. They identified the strategies that were working for their clients' competitors and leveraged this information to stay ahead.

The company scrutinized its competitors’ keywords, backlink profiles, and the kind of content that resonated with its audience. They used this information to refine their SEO strategy, fill in the gaps, and leverage untapped opportunities. This comprehensive understanding of the competition played a crucial role in driving organic traffic growth.

Key Takeaway #7: User Engagement Metrics

Another standout feature of Chicago SEO agency was its focus on user engagement metrics. They understood that search engines like Google consider user behavior metrics as part of their ranking algorithm.

Therefore, they sought to improve metrics such as bounce rate, pages per session, and average session duration by providing high-quality, engaging content and an intuitive site design. They also ensured the CTA’s were clear, compelling, and easy to find, leading to improved conversion rates. Monitoring and optimizing these user engagement metrics was key to their impressive organic traffic growth.

Key Takeaway #8: Continuous SEO Audits and Strategy Refinement

Lastly, this best SEO company in Chicago didn’t just set it and forget it. They understood that SEO is a long-term game and requires continuous refinement. They conducted regular SEO audits to identify what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved.

These audits involved analyzing keyword rankings, backlink quality, website speed, on-page SEO elements, and content performance. Based on the insights gleaned, they would refine and recalibrate their SEO strategies, ensuring their efforts continued to yield the best results.

This focus on constant evolution and improvement allowed them to adapt to changes in search engine algorithms, maintain high rankings, and continue to drive increased levels of organic traffic.

End of the Line: Key Messages to Remember!

These eight key takeaways illustrate the hard work and innovative strategies put in by this Chicago SEO company. Their holistic approach towards SEO, focusing equally on keyword optimization, content creation, technical SEO, and backlink building, proved to be a game-changer.

Indeed, achieving a 200% increase in organic traffic is no easy feat, but with the right SEO company in Chicago, such milestones become achievable. This success story serves as a guiding light for businesses looking to significantly improve their online presence, demonstrating that a sound SEO strategy can significantly boost visibility, traffic, and, ultimately, business success.

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